Experiencing Doctor Who withdrawals?


On the edge of your seat after the season ending Doctor Who episode on Sunday night? Wondering how you will get through the next few months without a regular dose of everyone’s favourite time travelling doctor? 

Well, it might not be quite the same as having new episodes on the television every Sunday night but the library might have the answer to your problems. A quick catalogue search for the series Doctor Who reveals that we have books, DVDs and eAudiobooks of the good doctor’s adventures. So why not request and re-watch the last season or take a trip back through time with former doctors portrayed by Tom Baker or Jon Pertwee (the clothes, sets and villains from the seventies need to be seen to be believed).

If you’re still pining, try checking out the official Doctor Who website. It’s full of behind the scenes info, interviews with the cast, games to play, and all the latest news about the show.


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2 Responses to “Experiencing Doctor Who withdrawals?”

  1. jam (library staff) Says:

    Thanks for the tip Mia! I loved Sunday night’s episode – so I’m going to check out the books as soon as I can.

    I wonder what will replace Dr Who on my Sunday night TV schedule though… maybe Australian Idol?!

  2. Joe Bua Says:

    Serious withdrawal. I keep feeling like “there’s something on my back.”

    Then I turn around and see the cover of the season four DVD that I’ve already ordered and will arrive before US Thanksgiving.

    And then I sit here waiting for the Christmas special. And, hopefully, the last Cyberman story, because I’m done with Daleks and Cybermen, they just didn’t translate well to the new show.

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