Trick or treat


Although it’s still quite a way off, Halloween will be with us again all too soon if you want to arrange a Halloween party this year. If you haven’t had, or been to one before, they are great fun and not as complicated as you might suppose.

If you want to go all out for a costume, that’s fantastic, but a cape, witch’s hat and broomstick are all very easy and cheap to come by at Spotlight or a specialist party shop, as are all sorts of Halloween accessories.

Food and drinks can be as easy or as complicated as you like. You can use every-day food and give it a suitable new name for the evening. For instance, a burger could be topped with sour cream and a half olive, sliced sideways and placed cut side down, and call them Eyeball Cemeteries. Rotting Hag’s Fingers are simply gherkins wrapped in ham, and Ghosts are mashed potato shaped into a ghost and given 2 sliced black olives for eyes.

Looking for Halloween party ideas? Go to Google, type in Halloween and begin your search. There is a great deal to look up and the ideas are great. Good luck and Happy Halloween!


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