Save the cheerleader, save the world


“Do you ever get the feeling like you were meant to do something… extraordinary?”

If you’re anything like me, there’s a big void in your life since the season finale of Season 2 of Heroes aired. If the anticipation for the new season is slowly killing you, oh boy do I have something for you!

I’ve recently starting reading Heroes volume one, published by DC Comics, who many of you know have brought us Batman, Superman and Justice League. This graphic novel is written with the same premise as the television series, but in this medium, the writers have had a better chance to expand storylines, give background information about some of the characters, and even include some characters not featured in the show.

It kicks off with Mohinder, a young man from India who comes to New York to investigate the death of his genetics professor father. He soon finds himself surrounded by people discovering and coming to terms with their own extraordinary abilities. Uncovering his father’s research, Mohinder realises he is now in a race against time to find these heroes before their fate does.

Each following chapter introduces us to another character, their super powers and gives us insight into how they are all connected to one another.

If you’ve never seen Heroes, this graphic novel would be a great place to start. Various reviews of the show have made comparisons to the storyline of X-Men, simply because both titles are about individuals coming to terms with their powers and how this affects their ability to live a normal life. As much as I love X-Men, I have to disagree. Heroes offers something quite unique, and portrays the characters as ordinary people who are easy to identify with.

But if you like superhero stories, including X-Men, you should check out Heroes. Volume one. Or, if you know you already enjoy the Heroes TV series and simply can’t get enough, you’ll love this, too!

If you prefer to read your comics online, you can also view all of the chapters on NBC. This website also has character profiles, behind the scenes footage, and hints about upcoming episodes.


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2 Responses to “Save the cheerleader, save the world”

  1. jam (library staff) Says:

    Great idea paochuan! I think I might request one to come to my local branch library. I’m really starting to like these tv show adaptions!

  2. paochuan Says:

    Wow! Great review Amber! I am one of those lost souls looking for meaning after the last season of Heroes, so I might take a peak at the graphic novel you reviewed.
    Whilst browsing the fiction shelves at one of the GCCC branch libraries I also stumbled across the adaptation of the series into a novel. It looks pretty interesting so I may give that a look in as well.
    Thanks again for your review!

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