My favourite Gold Coast places and experiences…


 Bubble Tea

Image used with permission from katherine of chicago

I really enjoy living on the Gold Coast, being able to go to the beach and the fantastic sunny weather all year round.  When my family and friends come to visit me they are always asking for Gold Coast places and experiences to try.

Now my list is always changing but at the moment some of my favourite places and experiences are

  • drinking bubble tea at the Hazel Tea Shop in Surfers (find a tea shop near you)
  • going out to The Spit at Southport, which is a great fishing spot or a perfect place to eat fish and chips on the beach
  • browsing the many weekend markets located all over the coast
  • walking along the foreshore at Paradise Point with my family
  • eating Japanese and sushi
  • visiting Mount Tamborine
  • catching the train to Brisbane to check out Southbank

I am sure there are many more wonderful and exciting things to do on the coast. 

What are some of your favourite places and experiences?


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5 Responses to “My favourite Gold Coast places and experiences…”

  1. Amber Says:

    I love Hazel Tea in Surfers Paradise! The atmosphere is fantastic. My favourite flavour bubble tea is milk rose tea, yummm.

  2. jam (library staff) Says:

    As a newbie to the Gold Coast, I have to admit that I love the mixture of ‘work and play’. I think that Angela summed it up. I think I would have to add in the world class libraries! 🙂

  3. Angela Sunde Says:

    The vivid blue cloudless sky
    Swimming at the beach in Winter
    Floating in a rainforest rock pool
    Roundabouts instead of traffic lights
    You name the cuisine, we’ve got the restaurant
    Free gas BBQs in our parks
    Endless uncrowded beaches
    White squeaky sand
    Waterfalls at Springbrook you can walk under
    Close to the two B’s, Byron and Brissie
    King parrots and lorikeets on the veranda
    Shopping on a Sunday
    A thriving arts community
    Green grass
    Live music, great gigs at the Sound Lounge and the Basement
    The SWELL sculpture festival
    Seven rivers to fish and swim in
    The Alley
    Surf Club bistros
    G.E.C.K.O Environmental Council
    Beach Markets
    Broadbeach Blues Festival
    Cafe Culture
    World Class Surfing
    Billabong originated here
    New Year Fireworks on the Beach
    Tambourine Mountain
    Winetasting Tours
    Bush walking on Springbrook
    Swinging on a tarzan vine over Currumbin Creek
    Ingleside State School – 3 teachers and 60 kids
    Picnics in Tallebudgera Valley
    Shopping centres
    Beach Cricket at Burleigh
    Two universities
    Carrara markets
    Theme Parks
    Beach walking

    I love living here

  4. Kate (library staff) Says:

    Oh, I don’t know… As a Gold Coaster, I love catching the train to BrisVegas to see the latest exhibition at the Cultural Precinct (of course, with a side trip across the bridge for a spot of shopping…).

    I think one of the great things about the Coast is that you can head north to Brissie or the Sunny Coast, or south to the delights of Byron, and you can make it there, have a bit of an explore, and get back within a day…

    What do others think: should places and events outside the Coast make it on the list, or not?

  5. dj paine Says:

    huh? what?
    since when is southbank a gold coast experience?!?
    scratch that off the list!

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