Shakin’ up Shakespeare


Studying Shakespeare at school? If you’re anything like me, reading a play can be pretty challenging, especially when the language is unfamiliar. It’s hard enough following the story as you jump from character to character, let alone interpreting a whole new version of the English language.

Ever considered listening instead of reading? Hearing a character’s voice can really bring a play to life and help you understand exactly what’s going on.

A range of Shakespeare’s best known works are now available to download from our OverDrive eAudiobook and eBook service. Download one of Shakespeare’s dramas, transfer it to your MP3 player, and unravel its mysteries. Discover the passion of Romeo and Juliet on the bus on the way to school; take a walk with the fairies as you listen to A Midsummer Night’s Dream; discover the madness of Hamlet in your lunch hour. These eAudiobooks will have you reading and understanding Shakespeare with ease.

Writing an assignment on Shakespeare? Check out the online resource Shakespeare Collection, where you’ll not only find the full text of Shakespeare’s works, but tons of criticism and interpretation to help you understand and write about this great author.

Can’t find the play you’re looking for on our OverDrive site? Please let us know.


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One Response to “Shakin’ up Shakespeare”

  1. Leona Says:

    I have just finished listening to Shakespeare His Life and Work from Overdrive – it’s a great biography about the Bard and includes readings from various plays and poems by Dame Judi Dench and Timothy West.

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